How to Create a Kitchen Family Command Center

How to Create a Kitchen Family Command Center

Create a Kitchen Family Command Center/ Family Message Center/ family control center printables/ family organization ideas/ family command center printables

Create a kitchen family command center

Is your family’s schedule out of control? I know how you feel girly and just want you need to create. A Kitchen Family Command Center.

With a family of six our schedules can be almost impossible to keep track of. With volleyball, football, soccer, work, awards, homework, daily tasks the list is never ending.

Plus, finding that class picture form or a pencil for homework……that’s a whole separate issue.

After repeated frustration with our constant struggle of disorganization I set out to do a little research. I quickly realized I needed a family command center for organization.

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Where do you place a family command center?

We needed the perfect place for our family command center for it to really be useful and beneficial. Somewhere with high family traffic and ease of access/use.

But where would I put it. Where do you place a wall of family organization? Then it hit me. The kitchen is the perfect place. It’s the heart of our home.

Other great locations maybe be your mudroom, entry, family room, hall, or any wall that has high traffic and ease of use in your home will be ideal.

What do you need to create a kitchen family command center?

There are numerous things to consider when creating a well organized family command center.

Command Center 101

It really comes down to functionality and over all need.

What elements are needed in your family command center?

What tasks or purpose does your family command center need to fulfill? Planning, meal schedules, storage, paper clutter control………?

Consider the following items while designing your kitchen family command center.

Add a calendar

The first thing your kitchen family command center needs is a calendar.

Of course I still have my personal planner and bullet journal, but I needed a space for our entire family to write in their schedules.

This dry erase calendar board(see above) is a great option too. Click picture for more details.

There are free calendars and daily planner printables in the KK Simply Creates Resource Library you can access them HERE! They are perfect freebies for your command center printables.

Create a Kitchen Family Command Center/ Family Message Center/ family control center printables/ family organization ideas/ family command center printables

There are a couple of different calendar options. I prefer the old school paper versions personally like the pics above.

Click pics for more details.

Planner 2019 Printable KK Simply Creates/Create a Kitchen Family Command Center/ Family Message Center/ family control center printables/ family organization ideas/ family command center printables
Note this is not dated and can used for any date range.

Add a communication board/memo board

Create a family message center. Think about communication and memo boards. What does your family need to be able to communicate easily in this space?

A space for notes? grocery lists? important papers? To do lists?

For our communication board we needed two sections. One section to jot down family notes and list. Plus a second section with a cork board to pin up important papers.

These ideas are more heavy duty and have a great rustic farmhouse decor feel(see above).

These(see above) are actually a peel and stick! Click pics for more details

Add hooks

Hooks allow you to add you keys or a small bin. Backpacks or lunch pails. Even a dog leach or two maybe a part of your family command center.

Think about what it is you need access to daily and try to incorporate that into a space in your family command center or a reminder with your family command center.

Personally I love command hooks. They are so versatile and easy to use/move around. I have them all over the house in variety or sizes, colors and weight capacity. I use them for all types of organizing. But any hooks will do.

Add baskets

Wall baskets and bins are the perfect space to add for kids papers, mail, folders or any other important documents that aren’t quite appropriate to pin to the cork board.

Consider basket space for extra office supplies, papers and/or mail. If baskets aren’t an option consider using a near by spare drawer for storage.

Add a clock or timer

Keeping track of schedules often reminds us to glance at the clock. Adding one to this space can easily add convenience for you and your family.

Timers are also great for the kids homework time(reading logs- example 20 minutes per night). Or even for helping you do quick power sessions of 15-30 minutes of a task.

Time blocking has become a very powerful method for getting lots done in a little bit of time.

Click on pictures for more info.

My little boys LOVE these Star Wars timers!

Add stationary(paper)

Ok girly, I may have a slight obsession with all things paper or stationary. I know I can’t help it. I love paper.

But you really do need a few post it’s or a small note book to jot down a note or two whenever need be.

I love all of these above they are perfect for notes and your personal command center. Click on Pictures for more info!

Add pens and pencils(writing utensils)

You definitely will need writing tools and some type of writing utensil storage(basket or drawer).

Consider pens, highlighters, dry erase pens, markers, chalk pens, ""” target=”_blank”>colored pencils and pencils. Whatever suits your needs best.

A few years ago I stumbled across Frixon pens and I am obsessed as are my children. They are the most awesome pens ever! They are colored erase-able pens and markers and are a command center must have for me.

These are my all time favorite pens and markers! You must check them out. Warning they are addicting.

Add extra office supplies

Make this space as convenient as possible, but don;t try to store the whole universe. Just a few of these can be very helpful. Choose wisely based off of your needs.

small stapler


small hole puncher

paper clips

tacks/push pins

book of stamps

return address labels



Add a meal planning section

Meal planning is so stressful sometimes. Having a clear plan for the week can not only save your time and money, but also your sanity.

For this I recommend printing out my FREE Meal Planner Printable(along with multiple other FREE printables). It’s located in the Resource Library. Click here for access.

Create a Kitchen Family Command Center/ Family Message Center/ family control center printables/ family organization ideas/ family command center printables

You can then place the printable in your family command center in a variety of ways.

-Consider the following:

  • place it in a picture frame and use a dry erase pen on the glass for easy reuse
  • pin it to your cork board and print a new one every week
  • place it in a clear plastic cover and use a dry erase pen on the plastic cover for reuse
  • slide it into one of your paper folders or baskets for easy use

Add a chore chart

Chore charts make chores super easy and clear for my kids. They know exactly what they need to do and when with out me repeatedly asking.

There is also a FREE Chore Chart printable in the Resource library. Get access here!

Create a Kitchen Family Command Center/ Family Message Center/ family control center printables/ family organization ideas/ family command center printables

I love the simplicity of this chore chart as it gives me tons of options to customize it myself.

This is perfect to add to your family control center printables.

They are super helpful with large family organization and management.

Add a cleaning chart

Consider adding a cleaning chart. I know you’re thinking, really?!? A cleaning chart. But yes a cleaning chart.

Cleaning charts take the guess work out of daily/weekly cleaning so you don’t end up with the whole house to clean all at once on your day off.

This is a game changer in constantly having a peaceful clean home. Just try it. You might be surprised.

Add a charging station

Now a charging station may not fit on the wall of your kitchen family command center. But no one said it all had to be on the wall.

Adding a charging station to your kitchen family command center can be so helpful. You can charge all kinds of devices while you make breakfast, lunch, dinner or even a snack.

I like to charge stuff while I help the kids with homework(which we do at the kitchen table or counter).

I can charge my computer to write a blog post after dinner or the kids ipads for after homework. It’s super helpful especially with a story home and all the bedrooms(other chargers) upstairs.

All of these are great options, but there are a ton of charger stations. Click on pics for details.

Add decoration- make it personal and family oriented

One of my favorite part of the kitchen family command center is a rustic wall storage piece from Kirkland’s that has a monogrammed D on it for our last name. I love it’s simplicity and the charm that it adds to the space.

Consider adding a personal touch to really relate your kitchen family command center to your family. Maybe a monogram or a family picture. I added both to our family command center, but it’s really up to you.

A quote can be personal as well. I have a BLESS THIS MESS sign above our kitchen family command center. Which seems totally appropriate for us.

Family organization- Creating a Kitchen FAMILY COMMAND CENTER

Family organization ideas can be very tricky. Creating a kitchen family command center can be very helpful. Remember that customization is key to your family command center working for your family. Don’t forget to download your FREE PRINTABLES from the resource library HERE!

Tag KK Simply Creates on social media with your kitchen family command centers. I can’t wait to see how they turned out!

Happy Creating, Organizing and Decorating!



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