Free Printable Weekly Homeschool Planner

Free Printable Weekly Homeschool Planner

Are you feeling overwhelmed with all your kids school work? Need somewhere quick and easy to keep track of it all?

Don’t worry we’ve got this with our Free Printable Weekly Home School Planner Grab it here!

Free Printable Weekly Home School Planner for Kids

I remember very clearly, it was late 2017 I began feeling suddenly overwhelmed with the reality that our middle son was now in HOME SCHOOL related to his asthma at the time. I was in a sense of panic as my other life responsibilities were already quite full. With work as a full time nurse, 4 kids, and everyday wife & Mom life I had no idea home to manage home school. Granted I had completed some high school on independent study, but now this was me responsible for my sons whole third grade school year.

In all honesty, it was actually one of the best things that happened that year. My son and I developed not only a routine but also a bound for learning things together that will last a life time.

My secret weapon to home school success was actually recommended to me from his home-school teacher who had been a home-school teacher for over 15 years.

I was begging for guidance and scared to fail.

But you know what?!?

Home schooling was a lot less scary then I had imagined.

You see the key was not knowing how to perfectly teach home-school but instead it was being organized and having an easy to follow weekly school plan.

Home school came and went for us as my son thankfully was able to drastically improve his asthma in the 2017-2018 school year and per his request(as he LOVES sports) returned to traditional school.

However, I now find myself back in the home school setting once again only this time with four kids schooling to manage. I immediately remembered my super easy to use secret weapon -> My weekly home school planner!(grab yours here)

How do I use the free printable weekly home school planner

It’s super quick, easy and amazingly functional.

All you need to do is grab your copy of the FREE PRINTABLE HOME SCHOOL PLANNER HERE!

Print out a copy or as many as you need.

Then write in your child’s school work and assignments for each day of the week.

I like to try to do 2-3 subjects per day and add a little extra reading.



Math chp 13 pages 23-26

Science chapter 4 and answer post questions page 57 and a hands on science experiment(DIY Volcano)

P.E. basketball 30 minutes

Reading 30 minutes (book of choice)

This way it’s simple(easy to absorb and retain). This may not be possible with all schools or the current log distance learning schedule, but try it and adjust to what works best for you and your child’s schooling needs.

Next, slide the completed weekly home school planner into a easy to access spot. I like to place them in the front clear pocket of my kids binders. Easy access to use and follow.

Lastly, as you complete your school tasks cross or check them off your weekly home school planner. This way it’s easy to check if your child is on track or needs to catch up with classwork.

Happy Home Schooling!



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